Data research, concept development and website design for the Master Degree project.

The project

Culinary tradition doesn't mean only recipes, but a whole world made of knowledge and culture, a world that inevitably risks losing parts of this informations over the years, partly because it is affected by the homogenization and globalization of our customs and habits, and partly because this informations are often handed down orally, so not written on a lasting support.

So, how to collect and protect this important amount of information from the passage of time? Arbanella was designed to give an answer.

What is Arbanella?

Arbanella is a term used in Liguria (an italian region) to define a particular type of glass jar, useful as a container for foods and savory preserves, and in the same way this platform must contain and preserve the elements of the culinary tradition, keeping in mind three key principles: participation, digitization and reuse

The platform

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